The Dragon’s Way

The Dragon’s Way is a unique 6-week weight loss and stress management program that uses the ancient principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to address health issues.

These principles state that when the body’s energy flows properly and its organ systems are in harmony, health is maintained. How many of us, after following the doctor’s advice to eat less and exercise more, find that not only does the weight stay right there on our bellies or our hips, but sometimes even increases? What’s going on here?

The answer lies in something TCM calls Qi, which is our energy, our life force. Modern medicine has no name for it and therefore tends to ignore it. But when our Qi is low, our bodies cannot process foods and emotions properly, and as a result these things become stuck, moving from the energetic level to the physical one. With this in mind, you can begin to see that depriving the body of food through strict diets and increasing its energy demands through strenuous exercise routines actually drive one’s overall energy lower and can make the whole situation worse.

So how do you bring up your energy without killing yourself on the treadmill?

The Dragon’s Way

Enter the Dragon’s Way. The cornerstones of this program involve ten simple yet powerful movements known as Wu Ming Qigong. Along with these it teaches an intelligent eating-for-healing program and provides a framework for making lifestyle changes that impact your health directly.

The program involves six weekly one-hour sessions in which you will learn the Wu Ming Qigong movements and practice them together with the class. You will also learn some of the fundamental concepts of TCM that reinforce the idea that everything going on with your body is happening for a reason and is, in fact, giving clues about the source of your health issue.

  • Why do you crave spicy foods all of a sudden?
  • Why do you find yourself preferring to wear black most days?
  • Are your headaches and your sprained ankle really related?

The Dragon’s Way will help you explore all of these questions and begin to show you how to interpret them in your life.
Five Elements

Classes are kept small so that everyone has a chance to be a part of the group and have all their questions addressed. It’s a fun, interactive experience that will influence the way you see your health and have a life-changing impact. Come join us for the next session!


Madison, Ohio
DATE: Wednesdays, beginning February 7th and extending through March 14, 2018.
TIME AND PLACE: 6:00-7:00 pm at the office of Dr. Kessler at 6270 N. Ridge Road, Madison, Ohio.


Early registration through Sunday, February 4th is only $199. Regular registration is $225.
Returning participants pay only $100 if you register by February 4th. Regular fee is $125.
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